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The Vanguard Group, LLC is a multifaceted organization whose primary function is designing, developing, and implementing sound practical business solutions for commercial small and mid-size businesses, municipal governments, public and private non-profit organizations, and international foreign firms.

We are experts in the fields of private capital investment and commercial finance, B2B business development, and promotion, public relations, and marketing and sales management. The blending of these backgrounds and professional competencies create a management team with comprehensive resources, broad business experience, deep government contacts, and private sector relationships which ultimately provides the ability to execute successfully.

Tyrone M. Frisby

President and CEO

Tyrone M. Frisby, President and CEO of The Vanguard Group, LLC, is currently focused on developing strategic business working relationships and networking alliances with the Washington-Baltimore Commercial Business Community, as well as Real Estate Investment Groups involved in the building and expansion of commercial real estate. As former President of Citiwide Capital Funding of Washington, Inc., and former President and Chief Executive Officer of American Eagle Mortgage Group, he has served as a member of the Advisory Board of the Fair Housing Council of Greater Washington, D.C., Board of Trustee member African-American Real Estate Professionals, and member of Maryland/Washington Chapter of Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIM). 

For more than forty years, Tyrone M. Frisby has lived and worked in the Washington Metropolitan Area Business Community as a government official, business entrepreneur, social activist, and model citizen. His broad business experience and areas of expertise includes development of community groups and civic organizations, social rehabilitation, and private business enterprises. Having worked primarily in the financial investment community, his depth of experience mainly consist of assisting homeowners and private investors gain access to capital markets for business acquisition funding, debt consolidation, and development of commercial and residential real estate projects. His mortgage-funding portfolio contains a vast array of public and private investors involved in financing residential and commercial real estate projects. During the last ten years, his concentration has been in the area of community reinvestment, fair housing, civil rights, and consumer discrimination.

Tyrone M. Frisby brings to Vanguard Group, LLC an extensive background in business and community affairs. As a mortgage banking professional, business owner, and community activist, he has a proven track record with public and private sector firms, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. He has demonstrated his talent and ability by implementing and successfully conducting the completion of many complex real estate projects. As one of the visionary forces behind Vanguard Group, LLC, he will spearhead the marketing of commercial mortgage programs and services designed for the benefit of under served low-to-moderate income business owners, and borrowers residing in the Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore Business Community.

Vanguard Group, LLC would like to invite you to meet Tyrone M. Frisby, who will work with you and/or your organization to develop a financial program that will provide solutions for the development and expansion of your commercial business. You may contact his office at +1 (301) 569-6869. Tyrone Frisby may be contacted via email at:


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