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Vanguard International Consultants Group, LLC offers real estate development and investment capital financing consultant services to individuals, private and public companies, and non-profit organizations involved in developing and/or investing in residential, commercial and industrial real estate property. We primarily operate as consultant brokers in identifying, and securing private equity investment capital, real estate project financing, and arranging joint business ventures.

Our core services include identifying, developing, and managing residential investment, residential multifamily, and commercial real estate projects. We also offer business consultant services to individuals, small and mid-size businesses, and non-profit organizations involved in real estate development.

We identify commercial banking institutions, private real estate investment groups, and individual real estate owners seeking to acquire, sell, or invest in real property. Real estate properties of interest include, but are not limited to residential occupied property, commercial buildings and office towers, multifamily residential housing, residential non-owner occupied property, and other types of commercial real estate property valued in amounts up to 500 million dollars.

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